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Casana and Cleveland Clinic Successfully Conclude Cardiac Rehab Stress Shifts Study

Published: June 16, 2023

Casana, in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, has concluded a pilot study called the Cardiac Rehab Stress Shifts Study. The study aimed to evaluate the performance of the Casana Heart Seat™ in measuring shifts in blood pressure before and after a Cardiac Rehab exercise session.

The pilot study enrolled subjects aged over 35 and under 80 years, experiencing changes in BP following their cardiac rehabilitation exercise sessions. Each subject visit included baseline dual auscultation, initialization (calibration) procedures, and accuracy assessments before and after exercise.

By concluding the Cardiac Rehab Stress Shifts Study, Casana and Cleveland Clinic have obtained valuable data to enhance the accuracy and performance of the Heart Seat as a non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring system.