Meet the future of in-home health monitoring, where you’d least expect it.

We’re building effortless health monitoring that gives you meaningful context for better healthcare.

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Consistently measure important health parameters at home without any disruption to everyday life.


Our new category of effortless, patient-centered technology captures important health parameters without requiring any change in behavior. Instead of expensive wearable gadgets, which many people abandon shortly after purchase, The Heart Seat™ passively monitors your health and seeks to reliably track trends and insights.

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Seamless Connection

Our built-in WiFi, LTE capabilities simplify setup and data transfer, eliminating the headaches of traditional IoT heart health devices.


Internal Battery

No plug-in required. The Heart Seat’s™ internal batteries have been built to last several years without re-charging.


Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Clinical-grade instrumentation monitors the electrical activity of the heart.


Ballistocardiogram (BCG)

Innovative, hyper-sensitive load cells embedded in the seat’s bumpers track the mechanical activity of the heart.


Photoplethysmogram (PPG)

Measuring changes in light absorption allows the seat to determine blood oxygenation and more.


The Heart Seat™ unobtrusively gathers health data and analyzes it in context, with the aim of providing unique insights into health and trends over time.

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Secure Data Transfer

The Heart Seat™ sends data to the designated care team's dashboard, designed in collaboration with our clinical partners.


Heart Rate

82 bpm


Blood Pressure

117/70 mm Hg


Blood Oxygen Level

98 SpO2


Cardiac Output

5.2 L/min


We are targeting increased patient compliance to provide practitioners with clear trends and real-life context, enabling faster reactions to help patients stay healthier at home.

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Health parameters are flagged when outside of the practitioner’s set threshold


Heart Rate

130 bpm


Blood Pressure

117/70 mm Hg


Blood Oxygen Level

98 SpO2


Cardiac Output

5.2 L/min

Our goal is to provide clear trends to allow practitioners to confidently manage patients' cardiac health at home.


Member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network

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Dedicated to Scientific Rigor

Casana is re-inventing in-home health monitoring technologies that provide clinicians with data to do what is best for their patients. The Heart Seat™ has been published in peer-reviewed studies, and Casana continues to engage in scientific research to take us closer to our vision of delivering a trusted monitoring solution.


University of Florida, The Villages, and Casana Partner for The Heart Seat Adherence Study

The University of Florida (UF) Precision Health Research Center in The Villages and Casana have partnered to conduct a research study titled “A Community Based Participatory Research Approach to Improving Health and Wellness for Older Adults in The Villages Comparing Remote Monitoring Device Adherence.”

The overarching goal of this study is to measure the adherence and satisfac...

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Casana's Smart Integrated Technologies Lab (The SIT Lab) Cardiovascular Monitoring Toilet Seat (The Heart Seat) Study (C003)

Interested in Casana’s SIT Lab?

Now’s your chance! Join us at our Rochester office and be paid for your time! You’ll get the opportunity to experience The Heart Seat™ in action, and support the advancement of medical sciences in the process. Join us to build the future of hea...

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