Meet the future of in-home health monitoring, where you’d least expect it.

We’re building effortless health monitoring that gives you meaningful context for better healthcare.

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Consistently measure important health parameters at home without any disruption to everyday life.


Capture multiple important health parameters, just by going about daily life. Our patient-centered technology is unobtrusively set into objects we use everyday, without thinking twice. That means nothing to charge, wear, or worry about. Just effortless health monitoring that seeks to reliably track trends and insights.

Seamless Connection

Our built-in WiFi, LTE capabilities simplify setup and data transfer, eliminating the headaches of traditional IoT heart health devices.

Internal Battery

No plug-in required. The Heart Seat’s™ internal batteries have been built to last several years without re-charging.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Clinical-grade instrumentation monitors the electrical activity of the heart.

Ballistocardiogram (BCG)

Innovative, hyper-sensitive load cells embedded in the seat’s bumpers track the mechanical activity of the heart.

Photoplethysmogram (PPG)

Measuring changes in light absorption allows the seat to determine blood oxygenation and more.


The Heart Seat™ passively gathers multiple vital signs from the home and delivers them directly to the people who need them most. This data can build into unique health insights and trends over time, with the goal of making it easier for health teams to see when things are normal—and when they're not.

Secure Data Transfer

The Heart Seat™ sends data to the designated care team's dashboard, designed in collaboration with our clinical partners.

Heart Rate

82 bpm

Blood Pressure

117/70 mm Hg

Blood Oxygen Level

98 SpO2

Cardiac Output

5.2 L/min


Casana strives to help providers cut through alarm fatigue and data overload with clear dashboards and customizable thresholds. The goal is to provide reliable trend data so providers can focus on the metrics that matter, helping them act faster to help patients stay healthier at home.


Health parameters are flagged when outside of the practitioner’s set threshold

Heart Rate

130 bpm

Blood Pressure

117/70 mm Hg

Blood Oxygen Level

98 SpO2

Cardiac Output

5.2 L/min

Our goal is to provide clear trends to allow practitioners to confidently manage patients' cardiac health at home.

Member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network

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By participating in our clinical studies you will help shape a new future of in-home heart health monitoring.

Healthcare Providers

Help us bring seamless monitoring of consistent health data to patients by using The Heart Seat™ in your medical practice.


Interested in participating in a study? Join us in our mission to transform home healthcare.


Let’s work together to keep people healthy, reduce hospital admissions, and lower the total cost of care.

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Dedicated to Scientific Rigor

Casana is re-inventing in-home health monitoring technologies that provide clinicians with data to do what is best for their patients. The Heart Seat™ has been published in peer-reviewed studies, and Casana continues to engage in scientific research to take us closer to our vision of delivering a trusted monitoring solution.

In-Home Cardiovascular Monitoring System for Heart Failure: Comparative Study

The toilet seat–based cardiovascular monitoring system with an integrated electrocardiogram, ballistocardiogram, and photoplethysmogram demonstrated that it is capable of clinical-grade accuracy of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, stroke volume, and peripheral blood oxygenation measurements.

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Nontraditional Electrocardiogram and Algorithms for Inconspicuous In-Home Monitoring: Comparative Study

Clinical grade accuracy was achieved for The Heart Seat electrocardiogram measures. The algorithms in The Heart Seat™ demonstrated an overall sensitivity and positive predictive value of over 99.82% (N=900,059 total beats), which is comparable to best in-class algorithms tuned specifically for use with these databases.

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A world-class team, driven by purpose and passion.

Casana brings together a team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and business people. What unites us is an obsession with improving patient outcomes and re-inventing healthcare at home.

Austin McChord

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and former CEO of Datto, an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions, Austin led the company through its acquisition by Vista Equity Partners in 2017, and subsequent IPO in 2020.

Austin is a Forbes 30 Under 30, was named Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, and earned recognition as one of the nation's top 50 philanthropists in 2017. He holds several patents and has been a featured keynote speaker at national technology conferences.

Nicholas Conn, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Nick completed his PhD in Engineering in 2016 at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he developed Casana’s technology – a toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system. He founded Casana in 2018.

His expertise spans business development, algorithm development, cardiovascular monitoring, medical devices, ultra-low power systems, physiology, and signal processing. Nick also holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from RIT.

David Borkholder, PhD

Co-founder, Head of R&D

Prior to joining Casana full time, Dave was the Bausch and Lomb Professor of Microsystems Engineering at RIT where his research spanned biosensors, MEMS, medical devices, and therapies for auditory dysfunction.

Dave previously founded BlackBox Biometrics, Inc, and served as the Director of Hardware Engineering at ZONARE Medical Systems, and the Director of Electronic Systems at Cepheid, Inc.

Olivia Lew

Chief Commercial Officer

Prior to Casana, Olivia was an investor on the early-stage team at General Catalyst. Her investment focus was on early‐stage founders building transformative companies at the intersection of software and healthcare. She served on the Board of multiple health tech startups.

Olivia's experience also includes Capgemini Consulting, where she consulted Global 500 companies on implementing enterprise transformations, and developed valuable experience in operations, change management, and business strategy.

Ken Rosenfeld

Chief Operating Officer

Ken joined in August 2019 as the second employee of Casana.

Before Casana, Ken held the role of CEO and President of eHealth Technologies, a company that provides digital health record aggregation and image exchange services.

Ken has over 30 years of experience in digital health and was awarded the Rochester-area “Business Person of the Year” in 2015.

Robert Gibbons

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to Casana, Robert was the CTO of Datto, where he built and led the company’s product and engineering organization from 60 to 400 employees. He led Datto’s technology organization through the $1B+ transaction with Vista Equity Partners.

Prior to Datto, Robert spent 15 years as a software engineer and CTO leading teams of developers building high-uptime enterprise applications for Fortune 500 clients, including building one of the highest trafficked web advertising distribution networks and an enterprise digital asset management system deployed to thousands of end-users.

Robert holds a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University, a J.D. from Fordham University, and an M.S. in Computer Science from New York University.

Join us to change the future of healthcare, one seat at a time.

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