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Just Sit. We’ll
take it from here.

With technology that passively captures health data when nature calls.

A bathroom showing the casana toilet seat installed

Reunite with peace of mind.

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Health management often involves a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and regular monitoring. Complex treatment regimens can be overwhelming and demanding, making them difficult to maintain.

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We hope to help patients spend time on what matters to them, right from their home.

Moving the center of care closer to home.

Casana is innovating healthcare delivery with a smart toilet seat that enables effortless, integrated, and accurate in-home health monitoring. The FDA cleared Heart Seat® captures heart rate and blood oxygenation. Future clinical measurements under development, such as non-invasive blood pressure, will assist medical teams with monitoring chronic conditions beyond the four walls of the physician’s office.

Through an effortless form factor, the Heart Seat uses proprietary algorithms to detect changes in heart rate and blood oxygenation to help care teams monitor your health trends.

Casana’s mission is to improve health and wellness through in-home health monitoring. We hope to empower the world’s healthcare community with access to reliable clinical metrics to improve and extend the lives of those we love.

Key Features

Smart seat

FDA Cleared

Heart Rate

Individual beats are identified from the electrocardiogram (ECG) waveform and used to calculate heart rate. Through moment-by-moment signal quality assessment and artifact elimination, heart rate results are calculated even when the user is in motion or other artifacts are present.

Blood oxygenation

FDA Cleared

Blood Oxygenation:

The Heart Seat employs the same principles as a standard pulse oximeter to calculate SpO2. Two photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveforms, captured at red and infrared wavelengths, are used to calculate an R-value on a per-beat basis. The R-values from parts of the signal that pass signal quality assessment are used to directly calculate SpO2.

secure connection

Secure Connection

The Heart Seat uses state of the art authentication to ensure devices only transmit data via WiFi to the Casana Cloud and allow connections to authenticated Casana devices. Upon collection, data is encrypted in both storage and transmission to a clinician interface in real time, providing trending insights to care teams.

Internal battery

Internal Battery

The Heart Seat is battery-powered, requiring no charging or plug in. Competing solutions typically involve charging every few days, reducing the likelihood of consistent data collection and accurate clinical metric measurement.

Smart seat
Blood oxygenation
secure connection
Internal battery

Better Data for Clinicians


Better Data for Clinicians



By simply sitting, the Heart Seat securely records and uploads data to the Cloud via WiFi requiring no additional effort from the patient.



Clinical algorithms calculate measurements, and a bio-identification algorithm distinguishes individual users, only displaying health data of a prescribed user to the appropriate provider or team.


Data Flow

Measurements are available in near real time through simple data visualization for providers and care teams, saving valuable time for all those involved.


Condition Management

The Heart Seat will enable patients and providers to more easily manage chronic conditions outside of clinical settings.

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Community Advocates

Here is a quote from Naomi Hartman, FNP-BC:

“The Heart Seat is quite possibly the easiest way to gather heart health data I’ve ever seen.”

Here is a quote from Jeffrey Leiden, M.D., Ph.D.:

“As medical care moves quickly from the doctor’s office into the home, it’s essential we develop accurate and convenient new tools for home health monitoring. The Heart Seat will be a home monitoring device that provides accurate and convenient intelligence for multiple critical health parameters.”

Here is a quote from Nancy Carlson Weik, BSN, RN:

“Reliable technology that enables proactive care without requiring user compliance is essential in the management of hypertension. Once installed and connectivity established, the patient would literally continue their business as usual while the Heart Seat collects and transmits data to be utilized by physicians and health care professionals.”

Here is a quote from Dr. Gregory Hirsch, M.D.:

“The ability to monitor patients as part of their existing daily routine, and potentially detect changes earlier in a disease process where intervention can have a larger impact on preserving health, will be a groundbreaking innovation in healthcare in comparison to the current office visit monitoring system.”

Here is a quote from Christian Mende, M.D.:

“The Heart seat will collect important medical information in a home setting. This could lead to better medical care because recorded data will allow health care professionals to recognize a change in condition and adjust medications, and be reassuring to the patient.”
Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

University of Florida, The Villages, and Casana Partner for The Heart Seat Adherence Study

University of Florida, The Villages, and Casana Partner for The Heart Seat Adherence Study