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Participate in our clinical studies

In-home User Experience Study

Compensation: $50-$100 Gift Card
Location: Rochester, NY & Boston, MA

The goal of this early in-home observational study is to test and refine the user’s experience of utilizing the Heart Seat, measuring users’ perception of the Heart Seat in concept, and evaluating users’ experience physically interacting with the Heart Seat.

Heart Seat Blood Pressure Study

Compensation: $100-$250
Location: Rochester, NY & Boston, MA

The purpose of this study is to test how well the Heart Seat measures blood pressure. We will see how accurately and reliably it measures blood pressure when you are resting and when your condition changes, over a set period of time.

SIT Lab Study

Compensation: $20-$30
Location: Rochester, NY

This study is an observational study with the objective to evaluate performance of the Heart Seat relative to gold standard measures for the electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, and respiration rate.

Partner with us for research

Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

University of Florida, The Villages, and Casana Partner for The Heart Seat Adherence Study

University of Florida, The Villages, and Casana Partner for The Heart Seat Adherence Study


How do I use the Heart Seat?

  • Sit on the Heart Seat as you would a standard toilet seat, and urinate and defecate as you would normally.
  • Sit on the seat such that you are making skin contact from your buttocks and thighs with the two metal sensors (ECG sensors) and plastic window of the pulse oximeter sensor.
  • Do not lean back against the seat cover.
  • Do not use a disposable paper seat cover or a toilet seat cover that covers the sensors on the seat.
  • Nothing should be put between the bumpers of the toilet seat and the toilet seat bowl.
  • The most consistent physiological readings will happen if you:
    • Sits on the seat for at least 90 seconds.
    • Sits calmly on the seat without excessive movement.
    • Wait 10 seconds or until the pulse oximeter light (red LED) goes out before sitting again after getting off of the seat.

Who will have access to my health data?

  • Only Casana designated research personnel and affiliates may use the de-identified demographic data and data pulled from the Heart Seat in order to further develop and improve the technology.
  • Your information may be provided to The Department of Health and Human Services and The US Food and Drug Administration. In the event that this may occur, your personally identifiable data will remain undisclosed.
  • This information will only be used with the purpose of improving the Heart Seat and Casana platform. If the results of a study are made public, information that identifies you will not be used. The data would only be provided to the Department of Health and Human Services or the FDA if an inspection of study records is mandated.

How will the Heart Seat know it’s me? Can my guests or family members use the seat?

The Heart Seat will use a combination of factors from the onboarding / initialization session to distinguish between people within a household. This means that the Heart Seat dashboard will report data only when the system identifies that it is you who sat on the seat.

How should I clean or maintain the Heart Seat?

  • The seat can be cleaned with normal household cleaners. If you prefer to use hospital-grade cleaners, those can also be used to clean the seat.
  • The seat should not be immersed fully in water or put into a dishwasher to be cleaned.
  • The top of the seat should be clear of grime and dirt to ensure the sensors make good contact with the skin.
  • While the hinge is a “slow-close” hinge that should prevent slamming of the seat, the seat should not be forced down or intentionally slammed.
  • The batteries in the seat are designed to last for at least 2 years. The user should not attempt to open the battery door unless instructed by Casana.

May I cancel my permission to use my information as part of the study?

Yes, you may cancel your permission to use and disclose your health information at any time. You can do this by sending a written notice to the research team at or by calling 585-333-4201. Upon receiving written notice, the research staff will no longer gather additional health information and will schedule a time to reinstall your original toilet seat. Information that has already been gathered may be used for the study’s research purposes.