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Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

Author: Casana Research

Published: May 11, 2022

Casana and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Center (CVDPC) have successfully conducted a collaborative research study titled “Validation of a novel toilet seat-based cuffless blood pressure measurement technology and association with left ventricular mass index” using the Heart Seat.

The study aimed to establish the correlation between seat-derived blood pressure (BP) and cuff-derived BPs obtained during routine clinical visits for cardiac rehabilitation (CR). Additionally, the researchers examined the association between seat-derived BP and left ventricular (LV) mass.
Each subject enrolled underwent a minimum of three and a maximum of four study visits, during which their blood pressure was measured using the following methods:

  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Heart Seat while sitting on the device

The study has now concluded, providing insights into the effectiveness of the Heart Seat as a reliable and non-intrusive method for measuring blood pressure.