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Finding the Right Fit: Your Guide to Measuring Your Toilet Seat

Published: January 22, 2024

Ready for a crash course in toilet seat sizing? We’ve got your back, or should we say, your… well, you know where!

Did you know elongated toilets didn’t exist until the 1950’s? Most modern construction now uses elongated versions, unless it’s a small space. Knowing the difference between a round or elongated toilet bowl is more important than you would think (toilet seats are sold by shape and not by length). Imagine a round seat won’t hug an elongated bowl, and vice versa. It’s like finding the perfect dance partner.

Figuring out the size of your toilet seat can be a bit tricky, but fear not, we’re here to make it a breeze. Let’s dive into the art of measuring your porcelain throne. Grab a tape measure and let’s get down to business.

The mission: measure the distance between the center of the mounting holes at the back of your toilet. The magic number? A standard 5 ½ inches, with a midpoint at about 2 ¾ inches. Place the tape measure’s hook at the midpoint and extend it to the outer edge of the toilet bowl rim in front. For a round bowl, the length is around 16 ½ inches. If you’re dealing with an elongated bowl, it’s approximately 18 ½ inches. 

When shopping for a new toilet seat, most packaging proudly wears the badge of either round or elongated. Make sure you quadruple check you’re purchasing the right size seat to match your bowl!

You’ve reached the best news of the process – it only gets easier from here. Removing and replacing your toilet seat is as simple as unscrewing two bolts. Most people can do the task in just a few minutes!

Still feeling a bit puzzled or need a guiding light? Reach out to Casana’s Research Team at or (585)-333-4201. We’re here to ensure your toilet seat journey is as comfortable as your favorite chair!

Casana’s Heart Seat® is currently only available for elongated toilets.