Casana Collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital

Casana has entered into a collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Center (CVDPC) to conduct a research study titled “Validation of a novel toilet seat-based cuffless blood pressure measurement technology and association with left ventricular mass index” utilizing the Heart Seat.

The primary goal of the study is to determine the correlation between seat-derived blood pressure (BP) and cuff-derived BPs obtained during routine clinical visits for cardiac rehabilitation (CR). A secondary outcome will be the association of seat-derived BP with left ventricular (LV) mass.

The first phase of this study will consist of 75 subjects; 65 subjects will be enrolled from CVDPC and 10 subjects from a prespecified subgroup with moderate to severe aortic or aortic valve disease. Each subject will complete a minimum of three and a maximum of four study visits. At each visit, the subject’s blood pressure will be measured using the following methods:

  • Using a blood pressure cuff

  • Using the Heart Seat while sitting on the device

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