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The Heart Seat Virtual Survey

Author: Casana Research

Published: December 8, 2021

Interested in Casana’s Research? Now’s your chance!

Fill out our Heart Seat Virtual Survey and be paid for your time, all while supporting the advancement of medical sciences in the process!

Casana’s vision is to create an effortless, home monitoring device available to consumers in order to support proactive health. The Heart Seat™ is our first solution. By capturing long-term vital trends from sensors such as ECG, BCG, and PPG through daily monitoring, care providers can receive a holistic picture of their patients’ or loved ones’ health without worrying about what might be missing due to compliance barriers.

In volunteering to participate in this study you are supporting our vision to help those who are currently struggling with day-to-day medical monitoring. This Virtual Survey gives you a chance to participate in Casana’s journey of transforming healthcare, from wherever you’re located around the country.

The goal of this brief survey is to gather information across a wide range of households to evaluate demographics within the home, perceptions of The Heart Seat in concept, to determine whether the home’s primary bathroom has round or elongated toilets, and determine if the participant is able to accurately identify their toilet shape.

The survey will consist of the following questions:

  • Toilet Measurements:
    • You will be asked to take measurements, using a tape measure, of your home’s primary toilet. Please refer to the Toilet Measurements PDF that is linked in the survey for examples of how to take these measurements. You may print out the PDF to record your measurements prior to completing this survey.
  • Demographic Information
  • Your Perception of The Heart Seat, In Concept

Join us to build the future of healthcare!

For more information, please contact us at: Or call us at: (585)-333-4201