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Your bottom is our top priority.

The Heart Seat for Senior Living Communities


Gather more frequent, consistent and reliable measurements


Reduce unnecessary medical visits


Trust the only FDA-cleared smart toilet seat

We understand the unique needs of those in assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities, and we are dedicated to improving the quality of care for your residents.

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Independent Living

We believe in preserving independence and enhancing the quality of life for all. The Heart Seat is designed to promote self-sufficiency, requiring zero behavioral change for a user.

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Assisted Living

Reduce the caregiver workload with data-driven health monitoring. The Heart Seat can provide consistent insights into residents’ conditions, allowing for more efficient care delivery.

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Memory Care

Passively gather more frequent, consistent, and reliable measurements without having to ask residents to do a thing. The Heart Seat compliments the environment rather than disrupts it, leading to a more enhanced and efficient caregiving experience.


Is it hard to install?

The seat’s bolts install directly on your toilet just like a regular seat. It only takes a minute or so to switch them out. One caveat – our current model is only made for elongated seats, not the older round toilets.

Will the Heart Seat monitor other people who sit on the seat?

A proprietary bio-identification algorithm distinguishes individual users, only displaying health data of a designated user to the appropriate provider or care team.

Does the seat monitor capture any visual footage?

No. The device does not have a microphone or camera that could compromise your privacy.

Is the seat comfortable?

The Heart Seat is designed to be used like a standard toilet seat. The titanium plate ECG sensors are very thin, so you won’t feel anything different than a regular seat.