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Casana’s Smart Integrated Technologies Lab (SIT Lab) Cardiovascular Monitoring Toilet Seat (The Heart Seat) Study

Author: Casana Research

Published: May 8, 2021

Interested in Casana’s SIT Lab?

Now’s your chanceJoin us at our Rochester office and be paid for your time! You’ll get the opportunity to experience The Heart Seat™ in action, and support the advancement of medical sciences in the process. Join us to build the future of healthcare.

Casana’s vision is to create an effortless, home monitoring device available to consumers in order to support proactive health. The Heart Seat™ is our first solution. By capturing long-term vital trends from sensors such as ECG, BCG, and PPG through daily monitoring, care providers can receive a holistic picture of their patients or loved ones’ health without worrying what might be missing due to compliance barriers. In volunteering to participate in this study you are supporting our vision to help those who are currently struggling with day-to-day medical monitoring.

This study is an observational study that will be comparing the physiological measures obtained with the Heart Seat against gold standard sensors during a single measurement session. Participants will be requested to visit the Rochester SIT Lab of Casana for the study and will be compensated according to which non-invasive procedures they sign up for.

Subject time commitment will take approximately: 90 minutes

  • Core Procedure (including consent, enrollment, and demographic data collection)
  • Optional Procedure 1 – Urination and/or Defecation
  • Optional Procedure 2 – Blood pressure shifts

Inclusion Criteria: To participate in this study, you must be > 18 years old, be able to travel to 150 Metro Park Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, be able to sit on a toilet without assistance, be able to read, understand, and sign an informed consent form in English (no proxy consents), be able to understand and communicate in spoken English, must weigh between 75 and 350 pounds, must not have mental health conditions that preclude you from following research instructions or calls into question understanding the informed consent process, and must not have mechanical circulatory support at the time of enrollment.

For more information, please contact us at:, or call us at: (585)-333-4201.

If you are interested in enrolling, please sign up here.